This day came on at last! Thing however got tired of waiting for this day since the preview was seen immediately after WorldPremium of NZ ... A movie can be promptly seen in the selection show meeting of Game "THE RETURN OF THE KING" of EA. They are the comment twice regarded as the future line on February 5, and the precedence on February 7.

By the precedence on February 5, it started in the greeting of what and Mr. Otsuka who is giving Aragorn to the beginning on stand-in watch. Advertisement that Game appears in around an end of the year again was done firmly. Welcome!, a coming. however, King -- "film preview -- it becomes the feeling gained as saying in " etc.

Although the beginning knew from the scene of Smeagol and Deagol, if it sees with an image, is it different too? Smeagol was fearful in the appearance which becomes Gollum ... Such places are Director PJ truly.

Who was smart this time and they are two persons, Sam and Princess Eowyn. Of course, a king is smart. Of course, they are King Theoden and Faramir. And, of course, Hobitts was doing its best wholly this time. Merry and Pippin which tell in "Welcome!" to Gandalf and others who came to the place of submersion after Izengld fighting, and are met. It puffs in a pipe etc. and is complained by Gimli which looked at the situation. If tobacco is easy steamed although it ran like that and Ork has been pursued, in order to help Merry&Pippin.

Although turn is deleted completely and Saruman&Gulima is cooked, Palantir is thrown in perfectly. It will surely go into per DVD. Otherwise, doesn't it understand, unless two persons became what or it is reading the original? Pippin gathered it and there were a place taken up by Gandalf and a place from which it is removed firmly. To then, the thing which Merry and Pippin leave for the first time This was the first weak point. However, words in case Merry&Pippin is divided were lost in why. It was in the that-? preview. As for this, others are also likely to be deleted considerably ...

It is Omae of the Denethor season of a first appearance on a movie that two persons who were in Minas Tirith just went. It has laughed in the place Gandalf said to Pippin, "Speak nothing." very -- being unreliable -- Pippin (^^; ) there is a place which Pippin promises to Denethor-papa (since it is the father of Boromir&Faramir) perfectly -- seed Although there was no place where Merry promises loyalty to King Theoden. ((To also see this.) I wanted)
Although there is a scene from which Gandalf which gave up on Denepapa which asserts the sovereignty of Gondor says to Pippin, and raises a signal fire, if this signal fire is looking at the appearance which gets across to Rohan, why or a tear it was as the original -- a thing (it is not the translation which Gandalf and others merely raised -- original)
Gandalf (Pippin) which goes to rescue Faramir and others who was obliged to withdrawal from Osgiliath is smart - And I am glad to hear the words of "Mislandia" from Faramir. Then, Faramir which is said to Denepapa as the what lever "is considered so (to question whether I from Faramir died and the elder brother had better be alive)", and goes to a battlefield for Osgilias recapture. The song of Pippin which sing Denethor is said and is sung, and the scene of Faramir which goes to fighting overlap, and it is already wail also here. It is [ whether it is made to sing here and ] Director PJ-!!

When seeing the scene which passes Anduril which Mr. Elrond comes to the camping ground of direct Rohan, and was retrained to Aragorn, at last, it came so far, it cut, and was touch. And it says to him, "Go the dead's way." A ghost is an uncanny number although it thought what touch [ next "the dead's way" and ] it would become. Then, this army corps joins "Pelennor Fields fights." As for it, an enemy is also surprised. Moreover, afraid Gimli is dear when going into "the dead's way."

On the battle scene said in a certain television station, the meaning said that power enters was quite obvious, and was very understood well. Force for the angle from an uncanny high position, and an enemy and the appearance which sides and mixes in confusion to be uncanny. An enemy is a terrible number, and Faramir is dragged by the horse and comes back. If it is called the smart thing of Rohirrim including King Theoden which runs to reinforcements in such a hopeless situation!

And activity of Princess Eowyn who followed the King Theoden back secretly, and Merry was also uncanny. The place which pushes down the Devil (a leader of NAZUGURU) of ANGUMARU said "For man's man to be unable to kill" by two persons. Eowyn which takes off a helmet and thrusts a sword into the Devil is smart, calling it "I am no Man"! King Theoden which is met by NAZUGURU and has become the underlay of a horse is words as "I know Face...Eowyn" to Eowyn! King Theoden by which this was released from the spell of Saruman in two towers is the same reason as the words told to Eowyn. or it makes it say here again -- Director PJ !! and the favor of the knights of Aragorn&Legolas&Gimli and a ghost who have come back from the dead's way -- somehow -- Pelenor fights -- victory ghosts' attack was uncanny -- true . To the extent that it is looking and is pleasant. It turns on woo-! and an enemy.

If it is called Frodo and others, the relations of Sam and Frodo will be torn by plot of Gollum, and Frodo is reviewed to Ork which can be stuck in Shelob. Although it is glad that the words referred to as "to be foolish Sam" were able to be heard. [ of Sam of which it was convinced that Frodo has died ] Even if the point is known, I want to have put in and come to aid power just ... And the Allied Forces of Rohan and Gondor who go to a black gate still more in order to make Frodo and others miss the eye of Sauron. "Aragorn ... Elessar ..." Sauron which says . Aragorn which goes "for Frodo" and goes to him. And Gandalf, Legolas and Gimli following it, the Allied Forces ... Smart -!! If it is called Frodo 1 step and will think that it arrived at the crater at last, it will insert in in a ring etc.! In a black gate, Aragorn and others is cornered gradually, and power enters and enters. Two persons who a finger is bit off by GORAMU after all and fall with the ring ... For Frodo, if it is caught somehow and falls, it does not break, but only GORAMU is to the inside of fire in a ring. Mordor collapses with the moment of death of the moment a ring began to melt in fire, and Sauron, and, by the way, it is hairbreadth Frodo and hairbreadth Sam which are rescued by Gandalf with eagles. This deployment that does not OFF carry out a breath, either. Even if it understands, is it uncanny to have sweaty palms?

However, here to ending was slightly early. the coronation formula came out very well frankly, and carried out But is it good that a king's sing a song was able to be heard? Since the couple of Eowyn which seems to be fortunate, and Faramir was also seen once. However, unless it knows an original, it does not know that these two persons were even connected. Otherwise, it is since it has adhered with Faramir suddenly ( ? ) to which the impression of Eowyn also becomes bad. The original is read previously, and since he fairly liked the portion of this encounter of two persons, I wanted to see also with an image. Probably it will go into DVD. I want you to enter rather. However, the place of a gray harbor was good than expected. simply, since there is no explanation, it does not know that an original has not been read for why Frodo goes together -- here Although it was moved to tears and there was so no end that it considered, is it a too good scene? It was impressive that Frodo upon which it rode and looked back on the ship was smiling.

Although there is also a dissatisfied place, if it sees on the whole, I will think that it was collected with sufficient balance. Since it is what those who do not know an original anyway also see. Conversely, if an original is read too much, I will feel that he cannot be enjoyed purely and will feel that it is then wasteful. Well, only this much is up to men. If it thinks anyhow that that is all, I will feel that it is lonely. Although it is, while carrying out the road show, time is likely to go to see repeatedly, until "SEE of DVD" still comes out. For the time being, since it saw twice in the title, next, it dubs. a part to know words direct -- it is likely to be further moved to tears I want to go to try to burn, when thinking so.