The direction of a movie was seen 3 times. Two stand-ins, two titles.
However, a possibility of seeing again is large.

The seen first impression is the beauty of an image too. Since it saw once, without reading no original, I think that having seen without the prejudice was good. I thought "don't do intelligibly purely." It will admire "Don't collect still more well after reading an original."

First, Frodo. although it thought, "isn't it too beautiful for Hobittos?
" -- an original -- being such -- since it was written for feeling (Elf ---like) -- well good kana About Gandalf, he has no complaint. Depending on how to truly talk with the looks of a magician, it fitted into the jar considerably. Since it is me and an adult Game lover anyway (especially RPG), there is an unbearable thing. But was magic seldom used?
He may say that the game did and he has passed. There is so moving no impression about Sam (pardon). But the view which looks at him after reading an original changed. Above all, it is that Sam that is going to follow Frodo though it becomes that it is likely to be drowned. Even if it turns out that it is a dangerous trip, that figure that is going to follow is smart. Merry and Pippin have given brightness to the trip which is cheerfulness peculiar to HOBITTO and tends to become dark. If it often sees, do you want do get ready for a journey perfectly and to feel a pain for a movie, although it seems to have joined the trip according to the development of situation? (It was visible to me at least so) Those two persons are the variety show charge in LotR, and do many things. But Pippin is although it is the most disturbing.

And those two human beings weakness [ as opposed to temptation in Boromir ] -- most -- man -- stinking -- carrying out -- the kana strong Aragorn and smart which carries out, is the same human being and can sympathize most well In the middle of a trip, if the exercise scene of the sword of Boromir and Merry&Pippin is seen, it will carry out dimly just for a moment. But it becomes painful at the same time considering the fate which awaits them after this it carries out dimly.

Legolas of Elf is beauty without a complaint. It is a royal prince and is strong above all. uncanny [ to shoot an arrow with a bow early like that ] -- elapsing -- it is . The enemy who has approached stabs with an arrow directly.
Gimli of Dwarfs is carried out for being truly touch of Dwarfs and knitting three mustaches but, it is sufficient for it, it is carried out, and, as for appearance, also has the playful whole surface.

Although it is incomprehensible on a movie that these two persons of relations are good, don't say that the portion comes out to a slight degree in part II.

The first highlights are the fireworks in the birthday of Bilbo. It was as beautiful as it considered to such fireworks and the thing which should just exist truly. It is that scene from which, as for impressive one, Gandalf falls to hell too after beginning a trip by nine persons.
That becomes that it is likely to cry for a while. Even so, is the scene of that Moria the highlight too? Trol is also large, and is fearful and it is powerful by first intense fighting in Chapter 1.

However, it is most already the way of the beam last. It has cried in the portion of departure of Boromir. Conversation with Aragorn at that time is already moved to tears. Although it was seldom trusted at first,
when the feeling of Boromir is heard by Lothlorien, I think that suffering of Boromir also understood Aragorn. It is the person from whom one side serves as a son of administration and one side serves as a king.
For a position, it is that should not change to the feeling of "wanting to protect a country" and two persons finally understood each other at last although it was different not at all. I at least interpreted so.

For the time being, the things of the friend of a trip are the synthetic comment of a movie noting that it writes in detail by character narration. Since it did not try not to have read an original at first, it was able to see without the prejudice. It can understand, even if it did not know an original, and he was able to be enjoyed truly. After reading the original, when it saw, the view different again was also made, and many things were able to be enjoyed.

From now on, part II is already pleasure. Moreover, a new character also comes out. How is that original summarized? Since DVD which will be released before it in December and which carried out the non-opened to the public image addition comes out, does the point look at it? Till then, it is the kana which will be looked at by the English version of an English title shortly. Too, if it translates into Japanese, nuance be different, and think the kana which becomes English study. It is said that there was criticism from an original fan as some mistakes were in the title version somehow although known to it later. The impression after reading an original by the passage must be different. (Especially Boromir)